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World Gives Empowerment Tour

World Gives is a global empowerment tour led by Dr. Koyah and many others (creatives, entrepreneurs, educators, athletes and more). This tour seeks to reach people around the world to show them how to thrive in life and to fulfill their purpose and dreams. Through the “No Dream Deferred Initiative,” every person’s $1 donation (or more) will go towards building Dream Centers around the world where people of all ages will be inspired to and assisted in living their dreams.

Each Dream Center will allow people to discover their (1) purpose, (2) passion, and (3) calling, which will then enable them to join the “Call-to-Action; Live Your Dream” phase.  In that phase, they will use their talents, gifts, and abilities to fulfill their dreams and to help other people do the same. Each one will now reach one or more!

Those who complete each phase will make a collective impact on humanity and solve global issues and problems. How? Through partnerships (led by Dream Center staff and partners), we will (1) educate, (2) transform, (3) refresh, (4) refuel, and (5) renew broken lives. Dream Center staff and partners will utilize state-of-the-art technology whenever available to host media and edutainment events worldwide that will help people by the billions to stay encouraged and hopeful. Global conferences will also take place.

This “rebirth” of dreams is driven by our Global Campaign Ambassador Team, which is led by WNBA Hall of Famer and “Mother of the WNBA”, Sheryl Swoopes. This Call-to-Action is the catalyst for a worldwide change to humanity.

Sheryl Swoops

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